[Aulinhas Gifs] Fw: [H & H Tuber] Wild Horses misted by Veda


Veda's Precious Creations Tubes NonAdult
I was asked to open a new group by several people to share my cute to Romantic/Elegant tubes.
Well here it is, There will be NO Adult Content or Extreme Adult Content tubes here.
If you would like to join this group click on the link below.
The PSP Devils Tuben Group
4 Friends sharing their tubes .
A PSP Devil
Sassy Illusions
Veda / Veda's Precious Creations
This is an Adult Content group.
If would like to join just click on the group siggy below.
VPC and Friends Tubes and Mists
This is a Medium Volume Group and some of the tubes and mists are heavy so please have a big enough mailbox before you join so you will not bounce.
We share Cute to EAC. This is an Adult Content group.
Several Tubers share their tubes and mists here.
This is where I share my EAC and more risque tubes as well.
If you would like to be a tuber for the VPC and Friends group just e-mail at
Please include the preview and Siggy box if you share
That way if they like the tubes then they can click on the link to join.
Tube Layer Maybe Closed to reduce the size.

I do not claim them as my own graphics. I just tube or mist them. I do not make a profit off of any tubes or mists. For personal use only.

*Email Disclaimer*
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C Section 107, any copyrighted material in this message
Is distributed under fair use without profit or payment.



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