[Aulinhas Gifs] Fw: TUBESpack NEW--DBK_ETHNIC_-IN_010-011 LINKS


Here is my Newest tube! Enjoy!
-No Drop Shadow on Original Tubes
-You are allowed to share my tubes, but please
use my preview-box/w-LINK when you do and leave the tube,
watermark and filename as they are.
-If someone have a problem with my tubes please refer
them to me and not share them again as a psp file or zip file

-Tutorial writers are allowed to use my tubes, but leave
the filename as it is, leave the watermark intact when
you provide the tube with the tutorial.

-Do not place my tubes in any collection, offer them
for download or sell them.

-You can use my tubes for personal use.
© All copyrights belong to the
Original Artists, I'm just the tuber.
-You will need a 4shared account/free or paid and
be logged in to recieve these tubes. I will not be
sending you any by personal emails.
Thanks so much and Enjoy Katrina aka DBK

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correo electrónico a: TUBESpack-unsubscribe@gruposyahoo.com.ar



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